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Small size grid memory foam mattress

Aspire Heat Releasing 4 Layered Memory Orthopedic Grid Mattress

(72x36x6inch) / (182.88x91.44x15.24cm)

This Springtek grid Mattress is designed to provide a combination of support and comfort, with different zones that are tailored to specific areas of the body. For example, the grid may be more supportive in the lumbar region, where the spine curves inward, and softer in the shoulder and hip areas to reduce pressure points.

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Mattress Height

6 inch - 15.24 cm
8 inch - 20.32 cm

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How it works

Meet Kikoo

Springtek's KikooTechnology Grid Mattress is the ultimate online mattress that incorporates a smart grid mattress design with natural cooling technology to keep you comfortably cool for more than 12 hours. Using basic physics, the Kikoo grid mattress removes excess heat from your body, providing a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep experience.
Kikoo technology offers a wide selection of mattresses, including the popular smart grid mattress and grid orthopaedic mattress, which can all be purchased online.

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How it works

Why you sleep hot

Insulating materials are used to make foam mattresses. This implies that the heat your body emits into them gradually builds up. Innovative technology from Kikoo aids in the natural cooling process, which lets this extra heat dissipate.
Your mattress warms up from the heat you emit, regardless of the weather. Because of this, Kikoo's heat-releasing strips continuously function in all circumstances, producing the online mattress for hot sleepers all year round.

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Image of Matress
Image of Matress
Image of Matress

All night cooling effect

Kikoo’s innovative technology helps excess heat flow away for 12+ hours.

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Removes excessive heat

Staying cool isn't about being cold. Kikoo only removes the heat you don't want from your mattress, so you can sleep and relax at just the right temperature.

no electric

No noise, no electricity, no effort

Kikoo is a natural and sustainable solution. There's nothing electric to switch on, charge up or run down. That's better for you and the planet.

For manufacturers

Simple physics, ingenious tech

Kikoo is a special component that finally negates the insulating function of foam. Other options can only deliver a short and fleeting cooling of the mattress. The Kikoo technology keeps your online mattress cool for 12+ hours. Kikoo makes your online mattress comfy all night long by releasing sounds from it.
Kikoo's versatile graphite strips allow for easy and secure attachment to a variety of mattress materials and temperature control systems, making it an ideal choice for products such as the smart grid mattress, grid orthopaedic mattress, and other online mattresses. Additionally, Kikoo products are expertly designed in Germany and made with only the finest ethically sourced materials.

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The science

Improved sleep with Innovation

Kiku is one of the components used in good cooling sleeping mattress. That keeps your mattress cool. In order to determine where body heat accumulates during the night in a mattress, we carefully analyzed its distribution. And we came up with a way to let this heat out.

The cooling strips from Kikoo continually and naturally transfer heat away. They operate across the entire mattress, allowing you to keep the temperature at the ideal level during the entire night. Nothing electric needs to be turned on, charged, or depleted. That benefits both the environment and you.

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Frequently asked questions

Kikoo offers 12hrs+ of natural mattress cooling, with 2°C lowered in the foam. This is different to other technologies, which only providing an instant and short-lived cooling effect.

Yes. Kikoo's heat-releasing graphite strips are completely safe. Graphite is a natural mineral and we use the best sustainably-sourced and long-lasting materials.

No. Kikoo uses natural cooling to release body heat. Our perfectly-positioned graphite strips remove excess body heat to achieve a naturally comfortable temperature. There’s nothing electric to switch on, charge up or run down.

Kikoo bands are integrated deep into the mattress by the manufacturer. You will not see it, there’s nothing to operate. Just enjoy the comfort of a mattress removing body heat – not collecting it.

Springtek guarantees

Our Mattresses are constructed of materials that are of exceptional quality manufactured in house.
We unlike others do not outsource and sell finished and make heavy margins.
Superior service makes them even more comfortable

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11-Year Limited Warranty

Our mattresses stay comfy and Supportive over time.

Best customer service

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Specialists are available 7 days a week to answer any question under the moon.

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Free Shipping & returns

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Designed by our team of sleep experts & engineers Having a vast experience of 40 years in mattress industry.

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Manufactured in India

All our mattress are designed and Manufactured in India.

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Aspire Heat Releasing
4 Layered Memory Orthopedic
Grid Mattress

Springtek Aspire Heat Releasing 4 Layered Memory Orthopedic Grid Mattress

4 layered memory orthopedic grid mattress is a type of mattress that incorporates multiple layers of foam or other materials to provide both comfort and support for sleepers. The mattress typically features a layer of memory foam, which molds to the shape of the body and provides pressure relief, as well as a layer of high-density foam or other supportive materials to prevent sinkage and provide overall support.

The "grid" aspect of the mattress refers to the use of a unique pattern of channels or "grid" lines that are cut into the foam layers. This design helps to improve air flow and ventilation within the online mattress, which can help to regulate temperature and prevent the build-up of heat and moisture.

An Springtek orthopedic grid mattress is designed with the specific needs of those with back or joint pain in mind. The mattress is typically firmer than a standard memory foam mattress, with added support in the lumbar region to help alleviate pressure points and provide proper spinal alignment.

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