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Small size micro fibre pillow
Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow Small size micro fibre pillow
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Micro Fibre Sleeping Pillow

(16x24 (pack of 2)inch) / (40.64x60.96cm)

MRP: 1,799 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
Regular Price: 1,619 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
Special Price: 720 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
You Save: 1,079 (60%)

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EMI Options

Plan Interest Total
551.39 x 3m 35.17 (12.99%) 1654.17
280.95 x 6m 66.7 (13.99%) 1685.7
190.54 x 9m 95.86 (13.99%) 1714.86
145.36 x 12m 125.32 (13.99%) 1744.32
100.99 x 18m 198.82 (14.99%) 1817.82
78.49 x 24m 264.76 (14.99%) 1883.76
Plan Interest Total
551.4 x 3m 35.2 (13%) 1654.2
280.16 x 6m 61.96 (13%) 1680.96
189.77 x 9m 88.93 (13%) 1707.93
144.6 x 12m 116.2 (13%) 1735.2
99.48 x 18m 171.64 (13%) 1790.64
76.97 x 24m 228.28 (13%) 1847.28
Plan Interest Total
551.4 x 3m 35.2 (13%) 1654.2
280.16 x 6m 61.96 (13%) 1680.96
190.54 x 9m 95.86 (14%) 1714.86
145.37 x 12m 125.44 (14%) 1744.44
101 x 18m 199 (15%) 1818
78.5 x 24m 265 (15%) 1884

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These Microfiber Bed Pillows Online are Soft & Best Pillows for Sleeping. These Large, Small, Medium Sized Pillows are designed for all kinds of Sleepers - Side, Back & Stomach.

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The Pillow Redefined

Bedroom innovation doesn't get any cooler than this.

Optimum Height and Comfort

The height and firmness of your pillow is optimum and gives you a good night's sleep.

Sleep Inspired

Our sleep-inspired micro percel fabric regulates your temperature and the soft fibre padding dissipates heat.

Easy, breezy sleep

A mesh border allows maximum airflow through the pillow – making sleep a breeze.

Go with the flow

Our open-cell micro fibre and mesh border have been designed for maximum airflow, allowing air to escape so you can keep your cool.

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Super Soft and supportive, our pillows are designed for dreaming. What’s more, they’ll keep your spine aligned, so you wake up well rested, every morning.

These Bed Pillows are Cheap Priced and are available in Single, Pack of 2 and are Best Pillows for any user looking forward to get that Down Feather Comfort. These are most Comfortable Pillows and are Top Rated because of the Contemporary Fabric, Look, 100% Microfiber used and over all Luxury they provide to any Sleeping user.

After a comfortable mattress, the other most important contributor to a good night’s sleep is the perfect pillow. While there are a plethora of pillows and cushions available online, choosing the right one is a must to support your head and spine. When you venture out in the market, you will find a wide range of variety, from a sleeping pillow, a fluffy pillow, orthopedic pillow, a comfort cushion and more. Amidst all this confusion, the easiest, safest and quickest solution is to find the perfect sleeping pillow online. There are a lot of brands that sell different kinds of pillows online. But how do you find the one that is easy on the pocket, great to rest your head on and is durable to get you the money’s worth? Well, you are at the right place. With Springtek Pillows and Cushions, you can buy pillow online in India – wherever you live, whatever your requirement is, we will deliver the perfect pillows to you. These Neck Pillows are better than Feather Pillows or Down Pillows and are Best Priced Sleeping Pillows with best rated reviews online.