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Microfibre Reversible Comforter

(60x90inch) / (152.4x228.6cm)

MRP: 1,999 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
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Special Price: 1,119 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
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Plan Interest Total
544.58 x 3m 34.74 (12.99%) 1633.74
277.48 x 6m 65.88 (13.99%) 1664.88
188.18 x 9m 94.62 (13.99%) 1693.62
143.56 x 12m 123.72 (13.99%) 1722.72
99.75 x 18m 196.5 (14.99%) 1795.5
77.52 x 24m 261.48 (14.99%) 1860.48
Plan Interest Total
544.59 x 3m 34.77 (13%) 1633.77
276.69 x 6m 61.14 (13%) 1660.14
187.43 x 9m 87.87 (13%) 1686.87
142.82 x 12m 114.84 (13%) 1713.84
98.25 x 18m 169.5 (13%) 1768.5
76.02 x 24m 225.48 (13%) 1824.48
Plan Interest Total
544.59 x 3m 34.77 (13%) 1633.77
276.69 x 6m 61.14 (13%) 1660.14
188.19 x 9m 94.71 (14%) 1693.71
143.57 x 12m 123.84 (14%) 1722.84
99.75 x 18m 196.5 (15%) 1795.5
77.53 x 24m 261.72 (15%) 1860.72

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These Reversible Machine Washable Comforters are the Best Comforter Online. This Mattress Comforter is Dual Tone & available in Single & Double Bed Sizes. This White Duvet is Microfibre Quilt and serves as a Bed Cover in all Weather Conditions. 

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We have drift off

Our all-season Springtek Duvet has you covered all year round.

Clever comfort

This Super soft temperature regulating outer layer and heat dissipating mico fibre fills are designed to keep you in your comfort zone.

Made for all seasons

Our duvet is perfectly balanced to keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.

Lump and bump free

Square quilting brings sterling comfort to every corner and indefinite sleep.

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