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Pet - Dog / Cat Beds

(25x19x6inch) / (63.5x48.26x15.24cm)

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Special Price: 1,499 (inclusive of all taxes & delivery)
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729.51 x 3m 46.53 (12.99%) 2188.53
371.71 x 6m 88.26 (13.99%) 2230.26
252.09 x 9m 126.81 (13.99%) 2268.81
192.31 x 12m 165.72 (13.99%) 2307.72
133.62 x 18m 263.16 (14.99%) 2405.16
103.85 x 24m 350.4 (14.99%) 2492.4
Plan Interest Total
370.66 x 6m 81.96 (13%) 2223.96
251.08 x 9m 117.72 (13%) 2259.72
191.32 x 12m 153.84 (13%) 2295.84
133.63 x 18m 263.34 (15%) 2405.34
103.86 x 24m 350.64 (15%) 2492.64
Plan Interest Total
729.52 x 3m 46.56 (13%) 2188.56
370.66 x 6m 81.96 (13%) 2223.96
251.08 x 9m 117.72 (13%) 2259.72
191.32 x 12m 153.84 (13%) 2295.84
131.62 x 18m 227.16 (13%) 2369.16
101.83 x 24m 301.92 (13%) 2443.92
Plan Interest Total
729.52 x 3m 46.56 (13%) 2188.56
370.66 x 6m 81.96 (13%) 2223.96
252.1 x 9m 126.9 (14%) 2268.9
192.32 x 12m 165.84 (14%) 2307.84
133.63 x 18m 263.34 (15%) 2405.34
103.86 x 24m 350.64 (15%) 2492.64

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These Pet Beds are the Best Dog Bed, Cat Pet or any Pet Beds. These Puppy Beds or Large Beds are Cute, Comfy, Washable. These Pet Beds on Sale are Unique, Plush, Cheap, Modern, Orthoapedic, Therapeutic, Stylish, Elevated, Waterproof, Ventilated & best for Outdoor and Indoor Purpose.

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Engineered by the same team behind the springtek mattress, our durable dog bed is perfected for dog behavior

Perfect for humans, too

We combined our mattress-making know-how with extensive dog-centered research to create a sleep environment that caters to canines’ natural behaviors.

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Machine washable

The practically impenetrable nylon cover is easy to remove and machine wash.

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Smart Design

Sewn-in pockets hide the metal zippers, so they won’t scratch your floors.

Shop beds for dog in india

Dog tested & approved

The fortified construction won’t sink, slump, or sag over time.

Luxury beds for pets

Sleeping Pets lie on luxury foam

We combined pressure-relieving high resilience foam and durable support foam to create a bed that is loved by all Pets. The supportive foam bolsters of the bed also create a safe space for dogs / pets to lay their heads — literally and figuratively.

Microfibers beds for dogs

They will dig it, scratch it but Love it.

Our durable cover material is one of the strongest bonded microfibers available. It features excess material on top mimicking the sensation of pawing at loose earth. So dig in, doggies.

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If you need a cozy Bed for your loved ones with great colours, you've come to the right place.

Springtek introduces The Hound Bed for the Haw! Sleep for our most beloved Pets. We have 3 Sizes - the small bed for a dog that weighs less than 15kgs, the medium size bed for a dog that weighs less than 30kgs & large bed for dogs weighing less than 70kgs.

Small Bed is most recommended for small breed of dogs / pets like Cats, Pugs, Chihuahua, and others. These Jumbo Dog Beds are Ventilated Beds and has large dog cushion. These dog beds with sides are the Best and Cheapest Dog Beds / Pet Beds available in the market today. Better than Round Dog Beds, these Beds are meant for all Pets of all Sizes - Medium, Small & Large.

Medium Bed is most recommended for medium breed of dogs weighing around 18-25 kgs like Doberman, Boxer, medium weight Labrador, Small Size American bully, American Pitbull and others.

Large Bed is most recommended for large breed of dogs weighing more than 25 kgs like French Mastiff, English Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard, Neapolitan mastiff, large sized Doberman and others.